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24 Sep

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of using a shoe insert for correcting mild structural leg length discrepancy on frontal and transverse plane spino-pelvic alignment and dynamic balance.

10 Sep
Canadian College of Foot Health is a premier facility focused on educating the world’s best foot health practitioners. The college has now invited Dr. Foot to educate the students
05 Jul

Plantar fasciitis (PF) is a common problem presenting to the family practice office. 

11 Jun

With a holistic approach to patient care—encompassing the integration of structure and function, emotional and social aspects of health and healing, and a more heuristic biopsychosocial approach to pain assessment and management—osteopathic physicians are uniquely positioned to manage patients with chronic pain.

07 Jun

We often take medicine to deal with pain, but there are other ways to get relief. Osteopathic doctors practice a whole-body approach to health care. 

02 Jun

Dr. Foot clinic is a chain of clinics across the globe that provides specialist podiatric care to thousands of patients annually. According to the clinic, podiatric care can help fix a person’s biomechanics and make them more efficient.

31 May

Premium Doctors Clinic is a premier provider of independent healthcare services in Toronto. The clinic is now offering cutting-edge treatment and prevention methods to better serve the community.

26 May

In an endeavor to better serve their clients and give them orthopedic care along with podiatric care, Dr. Foot clinic has now combined its expertise with Dr. Spine clinic.

22 May

Information Therapy is the latest service being provided at the Premium Doctors Clinic. The therapy can not only provide patients with effective healthcare management solutions, it can also aid in improving one’s physical beauty.

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