26 May

In an endeavor to better serve their clients and give them orthopedic care along with podiatric care, Dr. Foot clinic has now combined its expertise with Dr. Spine clinic.

The health of one’s feet depends strongly on the spine, and vice versa. A misalignment in the spine can hinder proper bodily function and cause the entire body to loose its natural state of alignment. Dr. Foot clinic is now collaborating with Dr. Spine clinic in order to provide a full fledge regimen of orthopedic and podiatric healthcare to their patients. Both the clinics will be combining their expertise to provide a more fulfilling and wholesome experience to the clients.

Dr. Reza Ghalamghash, Chief research officer, announced the strategic partnership to the press and discussed the motive behind the collaboration “Here at Dr. Foot we are a truly customer oriented business. We are always striving to improve our services and give our patients the most value for their money. We have now entered a partnership with Dr. Spine in order to give our patients truly tangible and sustainable cures from their ailments.”

The entire human body needs strong support from the ground up in order to stay in optimum health. Highly experienced and extremely qualified physicians from both the clinics will be utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate diagnosis. With the world’s most advanced medical technology at their disposal, the physician’s will be able to provide not only spot-on diagnosis but also conduct bona fide treatments.

The spokesperson further added to his statement “We will be utilizing highly advanced chiropractic adjustment techniques to provide spinal stabilization and foot leveling solutions to our patients. Our goal is to give unprecedented care and attention to every single patient. With solutions that are highly tailored to meet the specific needs of each and every client, we here at Dr. Foot raise the bar high from podiatric clinics across the globe.”

More details, a list of practice areas and the clinic locator tool can be found on the official Dr. Foot website at http://drfoot.ca/

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